Test Engine

Our state-of-the-art Test Engine software simulates the real exam environment and is fully customizable. It is simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts. It is a desktop software built to run in windows environment. Using this fully interactive tool, you can practice for your exam by running it in "Practice Exam" mode. Once ready, you can switch to "Virtual Exam" mode which simulates the real exam environment allowing you to test your skills.

eBook PDF

Our eBook version of exams are built for any tablet devices. With an eBook version of the exam on-board it is quite easy to enjoy preparing for your exam. In purely practical terms this means that you can take your study materials with you to go. However, it is also amazingly handy if you simply like to pick through your exam eBook while you are enduring a stressful commute, kicking back in the living room or even lounging in the garden.

Android App

The first ever, Android based test engine App in the market. This allows you to practice your exam right from you Android device. The tech savvy student knows this is the time to arm their tablets, smart phones and laptops for success. With our Android Test Engine App available there is no excuse for you to walk into to your exam unprepared. Our Android App is a fully interactive Test Engine with questions, multiple answers, explanations and references.