Terms of Service

This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions that the User, hereinafter referred to as the "User," must adhere to while accessing the Website and its associated resources. It is of paramount importance that the User diligently reviews and comprehends these provisions, as they govern the User's interaction with the Website, access to the information it furnishes, and the use of its webpages, official social media channels, as well as any other services and products made available by the Company. These stipulations are equally applicable to all individuals, irrespective of whether they access the Website as registered users or as guests.

It is incumbent upon the User to carefully peruse and acknowledge the significance of these Terms and Conditions, given their pivotal role in shaping the User's experience on the Website and within the digital sphere governed by the Company.

Terms and Conditions of Website Usage

By accessing the Website and any of its associated subsidiary pages, you unequivocally acknowledge and consent to abide by the following Terms of Use in their entirety, both in letter and spirit. Furthermore, you will be duly informed of any special or additional Terms of Use prior to making any purchases through or from this Website.

All information and content present on the Website or its associated social media pages are provided for informational purposes exclusively and do not constitute professional, legal, or financial advice under any circumstances. Therefore, such information should not be relied upon for such purposes. In situations where professional advice is required, you are hereby advised to seek and consult with a qualified expert in the relevant field before taking any actions based on the information presented on the Website or before acquiring any products or services that may be offered on or through this Website.

You also acknowledge and accept that any comments you post on the Website or any of our social media pages will be visible to the public. As a result, we bear no responsibility or control over the usage of such information by any third party who views the comments you may have posted.

Accessing Third-Party Websites and Links

The Website's content may incorporate banners, buttons, or hyperlinks that direct the User to external third-party websites. It is imperative to clarify that these websites are not endorsed by the Company and are solely provided on the Website for informational purposes. Consequently, making purchases from these third-party websites is not advisable. However, such decisions remain entirely at the User's discretion.

The User is cautioned to exercise prudence when utilizing the references available on the Website. It is pertinent to underline that our Terms of Use do not extend to encompass links leading to other websites or resources operated by third parties. We strongly recommend that the User acquaint themselves with the Terms of Use governing these third-party resources before undertaking any actions or transactions.

It is crucial to emphasize that these third-party websites and hyperlinks are situated beyond our sphere of influence, and we disclaim any responsibility for the content presented therein. We do not undertake any form of content verification on these external platforms. In the event that any of these aforementioned websites compromise the User's privacy or security, we absolve ourselves of any responsibility and disclaim any liability for any data acquired through the provided links.

Revisions and Updates to the Website and Its Content

The Company acknowledges its responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the data disseminated on the Website. Nonetheless, it is imperative to acknowledge that absolute accuracy and reliability may not always be attainable, given our continuous efforts to enhance the authenticity of the content. It is worth noting that we do not assume any obligations regarding the inherent nature of the information and content featured on the Website.

We retain the prerogative to effect alterations to the existing Terms of Use at any juncture. Consequently, such modifications may also impact the User's access to the product(s) and/or service(s) offered. It is incumbent upon the User, as a customer, to remain diligent and review the current Terms of Use whenever engaging in the acquisition of product(s) and/or service(s) on the Website.

In our pursuit of ensuring the ongoing relevance of the Website, we reserve the right to alter or remove any part of the Website, without prior notice. Upon the User's acceptance of our Terms of Use, we disclaim responsibility for any inconvenience that may arise due to the complete transformation or deletion of any part of the Website.

Exemption of User Liability for Website Usage

The User's liability for any potential issues arising from the utilization of the Website, be it through negligence or any other cause, is expressly disclaimed to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

It is important to underscore that the continuous and uninterrupted functionality of the Website cannot be assured.
The Website is provided without any form of endorsement, and it is proffered on an "AS AVAILABLE" and "AS IS" basis, with no warranties extended by the Company.

Intellectual Property - Copyright and Trademarks

  1. All textual content, templates, images, information, and page layouts, unless explicitly provided by third parties, constitute the exclusive property of the Company.
  2. You are granted the limited privilege to access, copy, and print excerpts from this website for your personal use. However, all rights, be they intellectual or otherwise, shall unequivocally remain the proprietary domain of the Company and shall not be transferred to you.
  3. The copyright pertaining to all other materials not originating from the Company, which may be featured on this Website - encompassing design, layout, text, graphics, photographs, source code, and software - belongs to their respective rightful owners.
  4. Registered and unregistered trademarks, logos, registered company names, and other forms of intellectual property are similarly the assets of their respective proprietors
  5. It is imperative to recognize that you are expressly prohibited from engaging in the sale or resale of any content or offerings obtainable through the Website, except to the extent that explicit permission is either granted or such activity is a fundamental attribute necessitated by a product or service acquired by you from the Website.

Account Registration & Creation

The Website extends the opportunity for you to create and register an account with us for the purpose of accessing acquired product(s) or service(s). Should you opt to proceed with registration, it is incumbent upon you to diligently safeguard the confidentiality and security of your account. You bear sole responsibility for all activities conducted on or through your account, and at no point should you divulge your account information to any third party. You commit to promptly informing the Company in the event of any security breach concerning your account.

It is paramount to acknowledge that the Company shall not bear any liability for losses incurred as a consequence of unauthorized usage of your account. Moreover, you accept the obligation to indemnify us for any loss or damage that may be sustained by the Company due to the breach of this provision.

Data Privacy and Security

Our paramount commitment is to ensure the security and integrity of user data, preventing any unauthorized access to user accounts without the explicit consent of the User.

The User retains the right to modify or update their personal information, as provided during the registration process, at any time.

For comprehensive insights into our privayc measures, confidentiality protocols, and guidelines for safeguarding data integrity, we encourage the User to review our Privacy Policy.

Additional Clauses

If any part of these General Terms and Conditions is found to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, that specific part will be considered as removed. However, this removal will not impact the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms.

In cases where a conflict arises between these General Terms and Conditions and specific terms that pertain to the purchase of particular products or services via this Website, the specific terms shall take precedence.

It's important to note that individuals who are not direct parties to an agreement governed by these General Terms and Conditions do not possess the legal right to enforce any terms of the Agreement, in accordance with the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

As a consumer, you retain the right to cancel a contract for products or services at any time within seven working days of the day following the formation of the contract. To exercise this right, written notice of cancellation must be provided to us. However, if we have already commenced fulfilling our part of the contract before you decide to cancel, your right to cancel the contract is forfeited.

Notification Clause

This provision is applicable in cases where these General Terms and Conditions or the Specific Terms and Conditions explicitly or implicitly require the service of notices.

Any notice that is mandated by our Agreement with you or pertains to the matters envisioned by it, unless otherwise stipulated, should be in written English.

Regardless of the method used, notices shall be deemed as received upon their actual receipt.

Specific Terms and Stipulations

The following Particular Terms and Conditions pertain to transactions conducted via the Website and its associated pages. They necessitate a comprehensive review and complete agreement, in conjunction with the aforementioned General Terms and Conditions, which govern all our agreements and your general use of the Website.

By clicking the "I agree" button, you signify your consent to these Terms and Conditions. In the event that you do not concur with these Terms and Conditions, please click "Cancel" and refrain from availing our products and services.

Product and Service Description

The term "Products" pertains to digital training materials available for purchase from our organization. When you acquire these materials, you are granted specific rights to access them during the designated "Access Period," which commences on the date of purchase.

Please be aware that these Products are intended for personal use exclusively. Sharing access to these materials through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), web hosting servers, or cloud servers is prohibited and may result in access restrictions. If you require multiple-user access to the Products, you should consider obtaining a Company License.

By accepting these specific Terms and Conditions, we extend a nonexclusive, nontransferable license to you for accessing and utilizing the Products in compliance with the terms outlined herein. It is important to note that your access to the Products is licensed, not sold, and all rights, including intellectual property rights, remain vested in us. Furthermore, all materials associated with the Products, including trademarks, service marks, and trade names, are our exclusive property. Your rights in connection with the Products are limited to those explicitly specified within these Terms and Conditions.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, you, or any other party, are strictly prohibited from: sublicensing, redistributing, or leasing any portion of the Products; reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, modifying, translating, attempting to uncover the source code of the Products, or creating derivative works from them; reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling, trading, reselling, or exploiting any portion or use of the Products for commercial purposes; or copying, reproducing, capturing, storing, retransmitting, distributing, or recording copyrighted content accessed or received while using the Products. You assume full responsibility and liability for any unlawful use of copyrighted material.

During your Access Period, you have the privilege of receiving any new features we choose to make available at our sole discretion. Our ongoing commitment is to enhance the functionality and performance of the Products. To achieve this, we may, at our discretion, make adjustments such as adding, modifying, or removing features or temporarily restricting and limiting access to the Products for maintenance activities, with or without prior notice to you. Additionally, we reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions and recommend that you regularly review them on our website. Any modifications will be posted there, and your continued use of our Products signifies your acceptance of the revised terms outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

Your right to use these materials will expire at the end of the Access Period. Furthermore, we retain the discretion to immediately suspend or terminate your access to the Products, with or without notice, should you violate these Terms and Conditions or if we reasonably believe that such violations have occurred. This measure may also be taken if your use of the Products could result in legal liability for our organization or disrupt the use of the Products by others. In such instances, no refunds will be issued.

Ordering Process

When you engage in the ordering process, a selection of options will be presented to you. It is your sole responsibility to thoroughly review and comprehend these choices prior to proceeding with any purchase. If you have any questions regarding the products or any facets of your order, we strongly advise you to contact us before advancing with your purchase.

Inquiries and Responsiveness

Although we strive to respond promptly to your inquiries, we cannot guarantee immediate responses in every instance. Consequently, the responsibility rests with you to seek additional information from us pertaining to the product you intend to order before confirming your order.

Order Placement

Every order you initiate through this Website is considered an offer by you to acquire the products we provide, subject to these Terms and Conditions and our approval of the order. We retain the discretion to decline any order without the obligation to disclose the rationale behind our decision.

Product Pricing

Pricing Display

The cost of the products available for purchase is prominently displayed within your chosen option on our Website. Unless expressly noted otherwise, the listed prices are inclusive of VAT.

Total Purchase Price

Prior to confirming your order, the total purchase price will be clearly presented in your shopping cart.

Price Adjustments

We retain the right to modify the prices listed on the Website, as well as to revise, alter, or withdraw the products we offer, without prior notice or detailed explanation. While we make diligent efforts to maintain accurate pricing, in the event of a significant pricing error, we reserve the right to void any transaction, entitling you to a full refund.

Product Availability

We hold no liability for the withdrawal or modification of any of our offered products, nor for the refusal or inability to process an order.

Delivery Terms and Timeframe

Notification of Product Access

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive comprehensive instructions for utilizing and downloading the acquired products via email. This notification will be dispatched to the email address associated with your registered account on the Website. Typically, immediate access to the purchased products is granted.

Immediate Product Access

Upon purchase, you will gain prompt access to the products through one of the following means: access to the relevant webpage on the Website, or provision of the products through an alternative method.

Potential Delivery Delay

In the event that your credit card transaction is flagged for manual verification, there is a possibility of a delay in product delivery of up to twelve hours. We will make every effort to minimize such delays and ensure you receive your products promptly.

With-draw Right To Chargeback

By agreeing to the Payment terms customer fully agrees and confirms that he has validated the charges on the credit card data (cardholder name, card number, expiry date, security code). Customer hereby with draw the right to Chargeback any amount paid to Xcerts.com.

Money-Back Guarantee Provisions

Eligibility for Refund

If you experience an unsuccessful outcome in connection with a study package you purchased from Xcerts.com within 30 days of the purchase date, you are entitled to a full refund upon request. Refund requests made after this 30-day period will not be processed. Additionally, to qualify for a refund, you must submit your claim within seven (7) days of the examination date. Any claim submitted beyond this seven-day window will not be considered. Failures that occurred prior to the purchase date are not covered by this guarantee.

Refund Procedure:

Refund procedure is quite simple. In order to request a refund, we will require the following information from you:

  1. Send us a scanned copy of your official failed result.
    • Please make sure to send a copy of your official exam result in scanned format or as a screen shot from a mobile device without any modification. We do not accept Web prints, email forwards, or modified/edited screen shots as proof of exam results.
    • In case of fraudulent or fake submissions, NO response will be received from our team.
  2. Please also include the below Information when filing for a refund:

    Candidate Name:
    Purchase Date:
    Order Description (Exam Code):
    Candidate ID/ Testing ID:
    Your Scores:

Non-Refundable Scenarios

  1. Erroneous Purchase

    Refunds will not be processed for cases of incorrect purchases when files are downloaded. Please exercise caution when making your selection.

  2. General Discontent

    Solely expressing dissatisfaction without specific reasons will not warrant a refund. We encourage you to utilize the provided free exam samples to make an informed decision prior to your purchase.

  3. Software Compatibility

    In situations where the Xengine software has limitations or compatibility, please be aware that the software itself is provided free of charge. The purchase price applies to the PDF version of the study guide, and the .exm file content is entirely based on the PDF version.

  4. Insufficient Study Period

    Refunds are not available if you attempt the exam within two (2) days of purchase. We strongly recommend a minimum study period of five (5) days to adequately prepare.

  5. Expired Refund Claims

    Refund claims must be submitted within seven (7) calendar days from the date of taking the exam. Claims made after this period will not be accommodated.

  6. Name Discrepancies

    Refunds will NOT be issued if the name on the submitted exam results differs from the Xcerts.com account holder. Exams must be purchased under your own name.


If you possess any inquiries, concerns, or disagreements regarding our Terms of Service, we welcome you to reach out to our team. You may contact us via email at Sales@Xcerts.com.

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2023