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The questions are real. The Xengine App software could use some enhancement which I have already sent to them. But over it helps with passing the exam.


This exam uniquely, presents its own challenges. Passing it with the help of these briandumps questions is impossible.

Faridurahman - (UNITED KINGDOM)

Easy pass with these questions.

Faridurahman - (INDIA)

I made the pucahse today. I will study and write the exam next week. I share my result after. Wish me luck.

Cara - (BRAZIL)

Thank you for quick response, also I get updated questions. Great work.


The Test Engine works well with conjunction with the PDF.


Pleasantly surprised to see how accurate the questions are comparative to real exam. Good job team.


I found the questions very helpful.


What an amazing day. I just passed my exam. Thank you Xcerts team!

Reida - (FRANCE)

Content of the PDF and Test Engine are virtually the same. Both tools are very helpful. Helped me pass my exam after procrastinating for almost a month.


This gives a total new prospective on learning. Quite cleaver.


The test engine provides a completely different interactive learning approach. I love it.


Worth every penny! Just passed my exam. I was very concerned but these questions are magic!


The study package is helpful in passing your exam since the questions are copied from real exam. But in order to learn the modules in details you need books.

Georgodino - (ARGENTINA)

By the grace of good and his blessing I have this exam dumps questions with no fear of passing my exam now. God bless you all!


Passed my exam very easily. All you need to do is study from these questions. I never used the books I purchased for this.


I failed this exam 2 times before. I found this site and got the questions hesitantly. But thankfully all worked at the end. I managed to pass with the help of theis stdy guide questions.

Babu - (INDIA)

These exam dumps questions can be a tremendous hlep.


Fantastic content. I got 2 exams as part of the 50% off deal. First exam was spot-on. This has made comfortable with going for my second exam.


Software is good but needs some UI/UX improvement. For example under Settings where you select between Simulator or Study mode is hard to notice as they look like tabs. A side for that content looks well formatted and valid.


I was not quite sure at first. Then I said to my self it is only $59 for 2 exams plus they have a money back guarantee. So took the chance and it actually worked out well. The material runted out very useful. I passed on first try.


The full version of this exam has about 90% of the real questions from actual exam. For other 10% study if you want to ace it.

Shas - (INDIA)

Very accuarete questions. Amazing for passing your exam but not so much for learning the topics deeply. For that you need to use books.

Helga - (GERMANY)

Such a professional team. Very hlepful and knowledgeable.


Quick and painless pass! Thank you guys for this great material.


Took me only 3 days to ace the material. After which I wrote my exam. Easy pass!

Hope - (CANADA)

This one is an easy pass. I got 88% in my exam last night.


I checked the free version of the sample questions before buying the full version. And I did not know I was getting the second exam for free. Pretty good service and product. I recommend this website.

Nosheen - (INDIA)

Very nice support team. Quick response team and very knowledgeable.


If you need to get your exam passed now is the time since they have relaxed the exam rules and all are online now. I just used the questions from this site and managed to pass my exam this morning. I am going for my next one. I need to pass all 4 exams before COVID is gone.


Overall its good, I needed two exams and the Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal helped out a lot. I am out of job, so cost is very important to me. I was able to pass 1 exam. Now studying for second one.

Raymond - (SOUTH AFRICA)

What a realiefe after passing my certification exam today. Great material team!

Afghan Boy 420 - (UNITED STATES)

The 50% sale for Xmas is infact a Buy one Get one free deal. I could not buy 1 exam with 50% discount. But still have with 2 exam for the price of one.

ChicagoBulls - (UNITED STATES)

This exam prep package is the best buck for the money. All questioins are valid and from rela exam.

NewYorker1982 - (UNITED STATES)

I bought this exam from another provider for double the price and faild. I purchased it from this website as they promised a 100% pass guarantee. I have to thank them cuz I managed to pass this time.

Wali - (QATAR)

The Xengine App used for the Test Engine is good enough. You will need the PDF.


Easy and quick payment and download. Cool Test Engine Software too.


I passed my exam today. Thank you team.
Don't forget to vote if you are from United States.


I downloaded the Xengine App, while it is free and good there is room for improvement. Please break the exams in to Topics/Sections. Randomize the answers under the Practice Exams Simulartor mode. Doing this will help with learning.

Keen Leaner - (CANADA)

I purchased 3 exams and the 35%OFF coupon code worked. Thank you for giving me disocunt. The price in US $ is too much in my country.


Managed to pass my exam with the help of this material. Good stuff.

Nogira - (BRAZIL)

This is a good material. I am stuck at home because of COVID. So need this to study and get some certificates.

Robert - (FRANCE)

Great “cheat sheet”. Meant as a quick reference to real questions. It helped me a lot.


Suporb material. I just passed my exam today.

Sonia - (INDIA)

I just wanted to Thank the support team for the quick reply and providing me with updated material.


Questions are word by word from the exam. Passed my exam with a 96% mark today.

Mehmeet - (TURKEY)

Being a full-time mother, I could not spend time to study the big books or take any courses. I chose this trainging questions and asnwers and it helped my pass my exam. It is wwell worth the price.

Kamila - (FRANCE)

The free updates for 90 days are great. And thank you for not charing extra for the Xengine Test Simulator software. Other webistes charge extra for this which I thinks is ridiculous.


I needed to pass this exam as a requirement for work. I had no desire to wates time studying for days so I bought this exam dumps questions. It helped me pass on first try.


Thank you team helping me pass this freaking hard exam. This was my last chance to pass after fialing 2 times. You guys are the best.


I downloaded and installed the Xengine App. Great interface and intractability. I'm a very pleased customer.


Pass the exam today. All hail the caesar! LOL


In the download page after my purchase it asked to download the Xengien Software separtely from their website. So I was like Fuck! I need to pay for this too like other sites like prepaway and examcollection sites. But thnakfully they provide that for free and it is far better than those paid ones. I am a happy customer now.

Androue - (CANADA)

The content of the exam is pretty much same as the exam. Their Xengine App is very user-friendly and quite helpful to simulate the real exam. However, it still needs work which I have provided my feedback to their support email.


I am officially cerftifed now. :-) Great job brothers with these questions and answers. Theya are very accurate!


For this lockdown situation these are the best tools to get some certificaitons under your belt.


My company asked me to get this certificate. Since I have no time or deisre to spend hours I have purchased this exam questions and answers package. I will write back once I write my exam.

Norman - (GERMANY)

I have always appreciated an intuitive application and their Xegine software for exam simualtion is quite cool with loads of options.


I appreicate that you provide the Xengine software for free. But are you planning to keep it free! I really hope so!

Nathan - (GERMANY)

Hello Xcerts team,
I thank you for PDF questions. I write my test this morning and good score. I buy again.

Nogiro - (BRAZIL)

We have sever lockdown here. SO just trying to be productive and get some certficates under my belt when market is returned.

Skipper - (AUSTRALIA)

There was lots of comments about the Xengien software. So I burchased it for that reason and I can say the software is very nice compare to VCE. The best part is it is free and I hope they keep it free.

Xin - (CANADA)

In my exam yesterday, around 80% of questions appeared which was great. My colleague got totally different set of questions, more than 90% are repeated.


The questions ware word by word. It took me less than 40 minutes to answer all questions. Great job guys.


I just wrote my paper today and passed.

Rakesh - (INDIA)

The price is good compared to other sites. I was skeptical of the content at first but after downloading the sample it turned to be exactly same as other sites. So I buyed it from here. Much cheaper.

Alex - (UKRAINE)

What else can you do in this fucking difficult time. Stuck at home with wify. My options are:
A. Listen to her nagging
B. Study some freaking boring certification questions
And the answer is OBVIOUSLY. B

The Xengine App makes preparation less boring. I suggest you should use that. Stay safe stay home!

Moreson - (AUSTRALIA)

A tremendous help. I have been using this site for second year now. Their new Xengine app is very nice and intuitive with many useful options such as study mode, exam simulator mode with timer, adding notes to particular questions and selecting a range of questions from the question bank. I really enjoy this new software. It is free for now but I hope they keep it free.


Best content and best time to study. Being stuck at home with this Corona shit what else can you do. Study and write online exams. And this content is the best material to help.


The questions are word by word from the real exam. I just passed my exam with 99% mark.


Good material good price. This made passing very easy. Ask for the Xengine application for simulating the test engine. Some of thiere exam does not have the link for the .exm file to use with Xengine VCE. You need to ask and they will provide it.

Wael - (BAHRAIN)

The prospect of passing this exam seemed very thin and I had to resort to these braindumps questions. They sure, proved useful and I managed to pass.


I came across this website from site. I purchased and download the full version with the Xengine Software for free. The Xengine Simulator seems to look very cool. I will provide more feedback soon and once I write the exam.

Shakeel - (QATAR)

I appreciate the quick response of the support team. They are very helpful.
I only studied for 4 days and these exam questions and answers are pretty relevant to exam. I was able to pass the exam with 92%.

Greg - (AUSTRIA)

For all others who are going to download this exam dump, I can say that this has all the questions. However, I saw a couple of questions which were not in this dump but you still get to pass.
My experience with purchase and download has been quite good. I mostly use this site for buying braindumps and exam questions.

Mathews - (IRLAND)

I think during this difficult time this is the best use of my time. Just bought this study package and preparing to study, make use of my time to its best and get my certification.
The material looks amazing, especially the Xengine test engine application for the .exm file. I truly love it.


The product is nice and the price is very reasonable. Unlike other sites like prepaway these guys are not price gouging and kept charging you.
I like the PDF and the Test Engine. Well done guys.

Habib - (CANADA)

These exam dumps questions and answers are all coronavirus free. LOL
I just passed my exam.


Passed my first exam. Thank you for this brain dumps questions. Such a big help. I am so revealed now.


I passed my exam today. Lots of questions are in the exam from this question bank. Just make sure you study well.
I recommend this for anyone who wants to pass the exam.


I wrote my exam yesterday using the online platform and passed it with 89%. This braindump questions and answers helped me a lot. Since I am not able to go out much due to all the shit going around in Hong Kong and the Corona Virus scare I can stay home and keep getting my certifications. I think this is the best use of my time at the moment.
God bless the Internet and sites like these.

Tiger Saang - (HONG KONG)

Due to this Corona Virus shit have been stuck at home. So I decided to buy this braindumps study questions and practice to make use of my time. I hope I can pass my exam after this.

Tsong - (HONG KONG)

What a useful ‘hack’ for passing your exam. This is a time-saver!

Murthy - (INDIA)

Splendid ! This braindumps questions and answers bank is one of the more relevant study tools I have come across so far.


I came to this site based on a recommendation from a friend. Sure enough I was not disappointed. The price is reasonable and the service is pretty good. I had an interaction with the support team, they are fast and knowledgeable. So far I am happy and will continue using them for future.

Romina - (FRANCE)

My first achievement of 2020!!!
Just passed my exam. This site and this exam dumps questions are simply amazing!!!


Majority of the questions are in the exam. I was able to pass my exam today. So this braindumps questions and answers is valid in USA.


Passed my exam today. Valid content!


Perfect dumps. The test engine does not need any additional purchase of software like other websites. Very happy with this study material.

Amjad - (INDIA)

Genuine questions in the braindumsp study package. I studied hard and knew most of the materials and topics. But to be on the safe side I purchased this braindumps to practice and reassure myself.

Ramesh - (INDIA)

I passed my exam last week. This is a valid dump. Almost all questions are in the exam.

Adrian - (SINGAPORE)

To those who are looking to purchase these dumps. I can share my experience. The PDF has majority of the questions. Answers are correct but I found 1 or 2 wrong answers. I reported and the brain dumps team fixed it for me.
All in all it is worth the money for the peace of mind and assurance. It helped me pass my paper.

Mohammed Junaid - (INDIA)

These questions must have been leaked by someone from the White House because they are so damn real! hahah


Thank you support for the help my download. It was as you said the proxy issue at my end.
Great product and helpful questions and answers. Thank you again

Akila - (Rio, Brasil)

Using the material from X-cert site, I was able to clear my IBM test with no problem. Thank you!

Jennifer - (Colorado USA)

I was stuck with the test and kept failing it until a friend told me about your questions and I bought it and passed....shokoor

Amir - (Dahaka )

Thank you for the 090-602 test questions and answers, I just passed it :)

Sonia, S - (Mumbai)

I used the black friday sale option and got 50% off. it is amazing to see all these real questions and answers :) thanks guys

Shakka - (Houston, TX USA)

The site is very easy to use and I like the fact that it uses SSL for security.
I was able to download my exam right after my purchase. So thank you for providing my files right away.

Nishad - (Doha, Qatar)

CL0-001 exam questions was right on target. I scored 95% . Thank you so much.

Jamal. T - (Kenya)