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Easily passed this exam today. I can now relax and watch the football games.


I wanted to write and share that your test engine software is very helpful but I perfected printing and using the PDF version of the study guide.

P.P - (Romania)

This guide makes passing a braze. Good content and good price. Keep up the good work team.

J.J - (France)

Yesterday I gave this exam. Passed it on the first try. This prep material is very accurate and cover all topics.

Shobena - (INDIA)

The purchase and download is very streamlined. I was able to quickly pay and download my course content. I have now started preparing. Once I finish my exam I will share my experience of the exam.


Hello Team,
This to let you know that I successfully pass my exam. Your exam prep material is very useful. I found the test engine very handy as I could add notes and bookmark the practice questions and come back to them to review. Well done.


Purchased this course based on a co-worker's recommendation. He said he used this site and managed to clear his test on first try. I really hope this works for me too. Right now I have gone over the documents once. There is a lot to learn and remember.

Murshed - (European Union)

I recently bought this study guide and it's fantastic!
I like self-paced studying. The guide is easy to follow, and very helpful. I learned a lot and highly recommend it!

Your Friend - (Hong Kong)

I don't know what to say. This exam is extremely hard and long. This study package has everything that is convert in the exam. This is like a boot camp but self-paced. But you better study and write you exam as soon as you can because the exam content might change soon.

Amit S. - (INDIA)

I do not post comments or reviews. But the support team of Xcerts is amazing. They are helpful and very kind. I really wanted to thank them for all the help and support.


The explanation that is part of each topic is very helpful. The study package focuses on the content of the exam and what is expected in actual exam. It has helped me a lot with passing my exam.

Marcus - (ITALY)

I found this study course very helpful and straigh to the point. It clearly covers all the topics from the exam.

Kareem - (GERMANY)

I would not have been able to pass my exam without the help of this study guide. The quick and easy way to prepare and pass this exam.

Markus - (Australia)

Had the best study experience with the Xengien app software. It is easy to use and the fact that you can do an exam simulation and see your score at the end is very helpful. Good job guys.


I passed this exam within 2 weeks after studying 2 to 3 hours a day. Very effective content.


One of the best study guides I have ever used.

Ramcharand - (INDIA)

This study guide is one of the best ones I have ever used. Well formatted and the test engine a big alternative tool to the PDF.


Very easy pass with this exam guide. Material is very relevant and the software is very useful and full of good and useful features.

Ahmad Shokoor - (UNITED STATES)

I came across this site via Google. Purchased the study guide after reading some reviews and got convinced. I must say the process of purchase and download it streamlined. I got my files and studied for 3 weeks and just wrote my exam 2 days ago. I passed it very easily.
Thank you team.


The explication and references are very helpful. I really learned a lot from this guide and passed my exam.

Digital Companion - (CANADA)

My experience with this site is positive. The process of paying and downloading was straight forward. Now I have started studying.

Chelsie - (Anonymous)

Valid in Hong Kong. I passed my exam with the help of this study guide.

Ching - (Hong Kong)

This is to let you know that I passed AZ-104. So thank you, noting that there are about 10-12 new questions.

M.A - (Anonymous)

Good luck to you if you are preparing for this exam. I passed my exam with the help of these practice question. The study pack is good formatted.

Al Ebadi - (France)

I really like your work, you Guys have really done a great job putting these question together.

R.R - (Singapore)

Thank you Xcerts for providing this helpful study guide. I need to let you know that with the help of your study guide I aced my exam and got a 95% mark. You guys are wonderful. I can't thank you enough.

Erick - (United States)

One of my friends used Xcerts training martial to pass his exam. I bought my study package after he told me about his result.
Thanks to him I cleared my exam on the first attempt.

Konal - (INDIA)

This exam prep is really good. The PDF is well formatted and the test engine app is very user friendly. The app needs some improvements but overall it is good and worth it.

Sayeed - (Australia)

To everyone going to set for this test, I must warn you that you cannot pass this test without the help of this study guide. I failed it before and then I bought this package and passed it right away. I checked the free sample content and it was very relevant to the exam. So I purchased it after. Make sure you do the same.


The practice questions are much better and cheaper than other sites. It came with a PDF version and free test engine software.
This is my 3rd time buying from this site. Happy customer.

Vincent - (GERMANY)

I bought the exam based on the reviews provided here. Thank you for this website that provides this study package. It is really a lifesaver!
Passed my exam on the first go.

Jonny Walker - (UNITED STATES)

Clearing this exam is very hard. I had failed this exam before. A co-worker told me about this site and I purchased their study guide. After preparing for a month (1 to 2 hours a day) I booked my exam and went for it. I cleared my exam right away. So thank you for this great study guide.

Bryton - (NEW ZEALAND)

This is a good supplementary study kit. It gives you a good idea of what to expect in real exam and the exam topics.


This study guide from is a pretty cool for acing exams – straightforward and totally worth it!

Lembart - (Germany)

I purchased the primum package after downloading the free sample. The practice questions are very detailed and relevant to actual exam. I saw very similar questions when writing my exam. Passed it very easily.

Victor - (Australia)

I am returning customer. I have used their study guides in the past with good success rate. Just bought two new exam guides. Let's hope they are as good and helpful.


Thank you for your help and support. You guys are wonderful.

Alex - (Netherlands)

Passed this exam. Valid content..

Masson - (United Kingdom)

This exam study guide is like a Bollywood blockbuster – packed with drama, twists, and a guaranteed happy ending. LOL

Junaid - (CANADA)

Just passed my DP-100 exam with the help of this study pack. Very grateful.


As promised before, I have not written my exam and can share my result and experience. The preparation package is very helpful and accurate. I pass my exam with a very good mark.

Natoo - (India)

This is one of the highly accurate exam guides I have ever used. My passing mark was 96%.
Thank you for this great study guide.


I have used 3 Microsoft study packages from this site and passed all 3 of my exams. The contract followes all the topics and scenarios of the exam.

Jain - (INDIA)

i would like to inform you that today i've successfully passed the VMCE v12 exam with 91%.
Thank you again for the study guide!

N. - (Anonymous)

I was able to pass my certification exam with the help of this study guide.

Sajan - (Anonymous)

Good source of practice questions. It prepared me fast for my exam.

Kenoo - (ITALY)

I found the study package very useful. I was able to print the PDF ebook and study from that. It precisely helped me with answering the exam questions.

Sohant - (INDIA)

Bought and downloaded the study course. After studying for 4 days I booked my exam and wrote it the next time. Passed with ease.


In the dark depths of exam despair, I prayed for divine guidance. Behold! This website descended like manna from heaven. I studied their guide religiously, took the test, and lo and behold, God smiled upon me with an 87% score. Amen to that! ??
I hope you guys like the funny tone of my review. :-)
Best of luck to all you guys.


I have been using this site for the past 4 years to help me prepare for my exams and they have not failed me so far. Please keep up the good work and great support provided by your team.

Sith - (Italy)

This is preparation package is very nicely put together. It covers every single topic of the exam.

Janiece - (United States)

You must study and study and study. This exam is extremely hard. I found these questions surprisingly accurate and helpful.


This study guide is well worth the price especially when you get a 50% discount. I passed one exam and now I am preparing for the second exam.

Greeg - (Germany)

Practice Questions seem very relevant and the price is quite affordable compare to other sites where they charge for study guides and the software separately.


I am from Inida and I want to tell you that the exam is very hard. I buy this exam last month.It has practice questions which are close to exam. In my case it covered all the topics. I pass today.

Porshatam - (INDIA)

I was required by my company to pass this exam. I studied for 2 months and sat for the exam but failed. So I decided to use this study exam pacakge with practice questions. They questions turned out to be very relavant and accurate. The explanations and references are a big help. I passed the exam last week.


A new chapter of my professional career has began as I am fully certified now. Thanks to this study package that helped me pass my exams.

Alvin - (INDIA)

Fantastic study package. Well worth the cost. I prepared me to pass my exam.

Gordon - (GERMANY)

God bless you guys with putting together this study guide. It turned to be extremly helpful. I love you guys.


I am from India. I wrote this exam last week and I passed. The study material is good. Saved me a lot of time. I was actually planning on a bootcamp but then I came across this site and decided to give a try. It worked out well.

Ravi - (INDIA)

Just wanted to give a shoutout to the study guides and the test engine software that basically became my BFFs during exam prep.

Dorian - (AUSTRALIA)

I wanted to say thank you for the set of study guides and practice questions. They turned out to be very helpful. I pass the exam.

Ken - (ITALY)

The PDF has the same content as the Test Engine software. But studying with the Test Engine is less boring than the PDF.


I hardly submit reivews... but the team at really deserve one. They are super professional and the quality of their study guides are good. I highly recommend it anyone preparing for their exams.


Thank you for this wonderful study package. It was as advertised. I helped me a lot in passing my exam.

Naran - (INDIA)

This study package is very helpful as it covers all the topics of the course. The Xengine software makes studying less boring with its intractive nature.


This study guide practice questions is accurate and valid. It helped me with my exam a lot. Thank you team for providing this exam practice questions package.

Durga - (INDIA)

This is by far one of the very helpful courses I have ever used to prepare for my certification.

Cory - (HONG KONG)

I took my exam yesterday and I passed. These materials. are still valid.


Thank you for helping me pass my exam.


I want to say thank you for the free update you provided. That helped me pass my test.

Sambhav - (INDIA)

Sweet Jeeezzzz! I passed my test this morning. Xcerts Rocks!


I could not be much happier. I passed my certificaion exam today.

Kamal Sing - (INDIA)

I am very happy with the level of support you get from this website. The rep was very professional and helpful.

Sahithi - (GERMANY)

I paid and downloaded my files. So far everything looks promising.

Marco - (SPAIN)

The course material valid and helpful. Passed the exam today.


PDF is good formatted and exam prep course practice questions are same as the test.

Paiva - (GERMANY)

These exam prep course are very accurate. They saved me an incredible amount of time and effort during my preparation. Their quality is simply top-notch...especailly the PDf is very well formatted!


This is a very good exam prep course practice questions are very identical to real exam. And the 50% discount offer makes this a sweet deal.

Jumpa - (INDIA)

practice questions matched the rexal test, helped me pass. Good job guys.

Mohammed - (UNITED STATES)

This exam prep course helped me pass! The practice questions closely resembled the actual exam.


This exam prep course package was a lifesaver! It helped me pass my exam.


This exam dump covers all the important topics you need to know to ace your certification exam.


I appreciated the detailed explanations provided for each question.


The exam practice questions were on point... helped me pass in no time!

Xavier - (FRANCE)

I appreciate the quick reply in providing me the updated version.


Passed the exam this morning. practice questions are still valid.


Thanks to, I aced my exam! Their practice exam package helped me pass my test!

Divya - (INDIA)

As someone who struggles with test anxiety, practicing with these practice questions helped me gain confidence and familiarize myself with the exam format. I went into my actual exam feeling prepared and aced it!

LeeBrian - (AUSTRALIA)

The practice exams from were incredibly helpful in preparing me for my certification test. I passed with a very good mark.

Ramakanth - (INDIA)

The affordable and convenient test engine helped me well.


Just made the purcahse and downloaded my files. I will report back when I write my exams.


Game-changer study material helped me pass the exam.


This exam question and answer guide was an absolute lifesaver - I felt prepared and confident going into my exam and passed it.

George - (CANADA)

This prep guide had me feeling like a genius - Passed my exam with ease thanks to its wizard-like wisdom.


These exam prep course was very good. I passed my certification exam this morning.


I was skeptical at first, but this exam dump helped me pass my test!


The practice questions are Clear and concise, this study guide saved me and helped me pass my exam.

christopher - (UNITED STATES)

Got a passing score with the help of this exam dump.


I found a ton of great information in their site about the exam objects and exam format. I purchased the package and it turend out to be very helpful.